You know it very well from previous editions. The course of the 16th PKO Half Marathon will not surprise experienced runners, and it will certainly allow debutants to achieve lifetime results. Some of you have a score to settle, while others are looking forward to finishing again in Mark Place to the uproar of the fans. Get your form and comfortable shoes ready. Here is a course map of the 16th PKO Poznań Half Marathon.

Course map

16hm mapa - Route

Elevation profile

16hm profil - Route

List of streets

  • Start – Grunwaldzka
  • Grunwaldzka
  • Jugosłowiańska
  • Taczanowskiego
  • Ściegiennego
  • Arciszewskiego
  • Hetmańska
  • Dolna Wilda – Rondo
  • Dolna Wilda
  • Piastowska
  • Droga Dębińska
  • Strzelecka
  • Garbary
  • Małe Garbary
  • Solna
  • Nowowiejskiego
  • Pułaskiego
  • Roosevelta
  • Rondo Kaponiera
  • Roosevelta
  • Bukowska
  • Grunwaldzka
  • Finish – Plac Marka na Międzynarodowych Targach Poznańskich

Route presentation