Official video

28.05.2019 /

Official results

Please be informed that on 28/05/2019. we received the results of anti-doping control carried out after the completion of the 12.PKO Poznań Halfmarathon. The tested samples of competitors who took 1-4 places in the general category of women and men did not contain any unauthorized doping substances. (more…)

14.04.2019 /

Thank You!

12. PKO Poznań Half Marathon has already gone down in history. Once again, we have witnessed huge emotions and gestures of your victory. 12th time you have created a beautiful sports festival with us – thank you for that! (more…)

14.04.2019 /

Live coverage

We encourage you to follow the results of the race live at

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We already know all the pacemakers who will run the 12. PKO Poznań Half Marathon leading the runners to the finish line. (more…)

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