The course of the route

15.02.2019 /

The first elite runners are registered on the starting list

„I like to run in Poznan, where I noted successful starts, but I have not made a decision yet, so everything can happen” – the winner of last year’s edition of our Half Marathon said a few days ago. (more…)

15.02.2019 /

The highest quality water in each cup!

Do you know that…? Poznan tap water contains high concentrations of two elements valuable to the human body! They are calcium and magnesium, colloquially called „elements of life”. (more…)

13.02.2019 /

„Power pills” on the 12.PKO Poznań Halfmarathon route

Dextrose pills are the fastest digestible simple sugar. They easily dissolve in the mouth and are very effective. Thanks to them, the efficiency and endurance of our body are increased. They will give you energy, help you overcome unwanted crises and achieve your dream time. (more…)

29.01.2019 /

Become a pacemaker in the Poznań Half Marathon!

As every year we are looking for pacemakers who will run 12. PKO Poznań Half Marathon leading the runners to the finish line. (more…)

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