Energy dose from Terravita

The perfect complement to the strength of every runner on the route and finish of the 12th PKO Poznań Halfmarathon will be Choco Sticks Terravita.

The participants will be able to find out how sweet snacks taste when they receive their starter packs. For each runner Terravita prepared two bars:

  • milk with 35% cocoa and 25% milk
  • bitter with a content of 70% cocoa

Our partner Terravita also made sure that every runner could eat chocolate at nutrition points at the lockation of 5, 10, 15 and 20 km.

Choco Stick Teravita is a chocolate dose of energy

A perfect snack for a short break in work, study or travel. They provide a lot of good energy in a delicious and convenient form, wherever you are. Created simply to share with others. A small pleasure for everyone living on the run.