Aquanet quanch runners thirst during 13th PKO Poznan Half Marathon

With great satisfaction we would like to inform you that Aquanet company will be our partnership again. During our run Aquanet will supplied tap water to the nutrition points. The tap water will be served in biodegradable cups.

Both Aquanet and the Organizer of 13th PKO Poznan Half Marathon use eco friendly solves. Runners during 21km race could quanch their thirst drinking tap water which is:

  • clean and healthy because its full of two precious elements like calcium i magnesium
  • refreshing and cool because delivered directly from the hydrant
  • local because delivered from local source

Register for the 13th PKO Poznan Half Marathon. The registration fee paid until February 20, 2020. is 95 PLN. The limit of the paid applications is of 10 500 persons.