Want to run – do not overpay! Lower starting fee only until the 20th of February

The limit of participants in 13th PKO Poznan Half Marathon is 10 500 so it’s better to not delay with registration. Lower starting fee is available only until the 20th of February.

If you miss this date check registration fees below:

  • when paid until 30th April 2020 – fee of PLN 125,
  • when paid from 1st May until 30th June 2020 – fee of PLN 145,
  • when paid from 1st July until 10th September 2020 – fee of PLN 165,
  • when paid from 11th September until 15th October 2020 – fee of PLN 205,
  • when paid on 16th and 17th October 2020 – fee of PLN 225 PLN.

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