The highest quality water in each cup!

Do you know that…? Poznan tap water contains high concentrations of two elements valuable to the human body! They are calcium and magnesium, colloquially called „elements of life”.

Poznan tap water is clean, fresh, healthy and therefore once again it will satisfy your desire during the 20th PKO Poznań Marathon and 12th PKO Poznań Half Marathon. Water is supplied by Aquanet, which will prepare a total of 75,000 liters of water for you!

Hydration during long-lasting run is especially important! Remember this and reach for a cup of water at every nutrition point on the route of the competition!

Aquanet since 2015 provides water for runners of the Poznań marathon and half marathon. Aquanet SA is one of the main companies in the water and sewage sector in Poland. It is the largest company in Wielkopolska dealing in the collection, treatment and supply of drinking water. In 2018, Aquanet produced 50.6 million m3 of water, acquired from 17 intakes and treated at 16 stations located in Poznań and nearby communes. The water supply network has over 2.1 thousand km of length.